Creating MAD Moments in Time

Laura H

2 years ago

The last few years have bred a new generation of weekend warriors in the UAE; an intelligent, discerning batch of festival and club-goers bound by their love of cutting-edge music and breathless dance experiences. With so many nightclubs becoming brands in themselves, any new player in town has its work cut out for itself.

In search of a first-hand account of what that work entails, we sat down for a no holds barred exchange with Marc Souaid, Outlet Manager of the UAE’s biggest indoor nightlife venue— MAD at Yas Island.

Armed with his own rich background in Beirut nightlife and entertainment, Marc arrived in Abu Dhabi for the launch of MAD, in November 2015. Since then, he has thrown himself into creating surreal party experiences, night after night; helping MAD set aspirational new norms to Abu Dhabi’s hospitality standards.

Elaborating on MAD’s many achievements throughout the past year, he states, “Due to the success and positive feedback from the guests on our live shows and performances at MAD, we’ve really worked on creating new experiences unlike any other nightclub in Abu Dhabi. We first started out with freestyle dancing, but now we host very-well choreographed performances along with breathtaking shows which consist of themed nights with acrobatic spins, singers, fire spinners, water shows and more.”

Fusing the best of high-tech art with music, the opulent nightclub features 360 degree projection mapping, huge animated LED screens, beautiful light shows and the latest sound technology—culminating in fun-themed parties headlined by live performances from the biggest names in electronic dance and popular music.

As the Outlet Manager, Marc’s responsibilities are split into two shifts—his day and night shift. He explains, “People usually think I only work at night, but actually the most important part of my job is during the day, coordinating with every department and preparing for the evening.” During his day shift, Marc follows up on production with an eye on constant quality improvement. He communicates closely with the marketing team and brainstorms ideas for all ongoing campaigns.  In addition, Marc oversees the finance department during the day, following up on contracts, data sheets and cash flow, among other elements.

His night shift on the other hand, entails the supervision of every aspect of the club to ensure that everything is running smoothly and clients are having a great time. These responsibilities range from overseeing the DJ booth, lighting and production, to engaging in ‘PR’ with clients, as well as making sure that staff is motivated at all times.

Sharing the greatest secret for MAD’s success, Marc reveals, “The most important thing is to make sure that you have great staff you can count on— which plays a huge role in marketing anyway. I ensure that the staff is constantly motivated and happy because without them there is no club! We at MAD all work together to make sure each employee from every department feels that they are personally invested in the success of MAD. There is no hierarchy between employees… Everyone’s input is equally as important.”

Breathing new life into Abu Dhabi’s night scene, MAD consistently has new events and theme nights in the works. Revealing the project he is currently most excited about, he states, “We’ve launched a new Friday night theme known as Flawless Diamond, during which ladies have a chance to win a real diamond worth AED 20,000. The raffle is taking place over a month-long period, and the winner will be announced on February 24th.”

“The most rewarding aspect of my job is seeing that customers are happy and enjoying every moment they spend in MAD— hearing their positive feedback and constantly seeing familiar faces. All these things affect the wellbeing of the employees and the success of MAD.”

In conclusion, Marc divulges, “My favorite memory working on Yas Island so far was F1 Race Weekend 2016. We hosted the likes of Rita Ora, Sean Paul, Akon, Omarion, T-Pain and Travis Scott. It truly was a weekend for the books!”

MAD on Yas Island is a state-of-the-art space brought to life by the ADD-MIND GROUP.
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