The driving force behind Yas Express Shuttle Services

Nada El B.

2 years ago

Meet the transportation manager behind Yas Island’s express shuttle services.
Available to all Yas Island guests, the Yas Express is a complimentary island shuttle service connecting all major attractions on the island. An integral cog in the machine that is Yas Express, April Santos ensures that all things transportation run smoothly and efficiently on a daily basis in her capacity as transportation manager. We sat down with her to get the inside scoop on her day-to-day and find out what turns her tires.
Having joined the Yas Island family in 2010, April has become well acquainted with the ins-and-outs of Yas Express, channeling her efforts and expertise to ensure that the day-to-day operations run as smoothly as a well-oiled machine for over 24,000 passengers per month. In addition to organizing daily operations and logistics, April is also in charge of scheduling various transport requests and replenishing visitor guides at Yas hotels and properties for the convenience of tourists visiting the island.
Within minutes of meeting April, It’s not hard to see that she is a truly passionate and dedicated individual. “Nothing is more rewarding than knowing my passengers are safe and enjoying their journeys – it conjures up wonderful memories of my own personal travels,” she said.
But like any other, the role is not without its challenges. April and her team constantly find themselves having to respond to unconventional guest requests. “It is sometimes challenging to adjust to last minute requests and deal with the repercussion of such situations – but I overcome it by learning from each experience and trying to keep an open mind” says April. In actual fact, she relishes these challenges seeing them as an opportunity to develop and improve her professional performance.
“Being in the transportation industry it is of utmost importance to empathize with your guests and put yourself in their position to anticipate their needs – this is what sets you apart in hospitality and customer service.”
Being the direct link between Yas Island’s main attractions, the consistency and safety of the Yas Express is of paramount importance. April is one of many on the team that conducts daily inspections on their buses. She also stresses the importance of banding the team together to deliver briefs and review customer feedback. “This feedback is invaluable to us, it allows us to improve and refine our services year after year.”
Despite being a woman in a mostly male-dominated field, April holds her own and is not afraid to get a little bit messy, change tires or even inspect engines – always prioritizing going the extra mile over conforming to stereotypical gender roles.
Far from a stranger to the island – April insists that there is so much more than meets the eye when it comes to Yas. “When they hear Yas Island, people always think of hotels and Ferrari World or Yas Waterworld, but there are also beautiful beaches and parks like Yas gateway”. When she’s not on duty, April keeps an active lifestyle and loves to cycle around the Yas Marina Circuit and swim at Yas beach. “There are actually so many things that you can do on the island that my many years of stay here are still not enough to explore and experience everything that Yas has to offer.”
When asked about any exciting developments in the pipeline for Yas Express, April is keeping her lips sealed for now, telling us that guests will just have to “wait and see!”

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