The Spa at Radisson Blu’s Healing Touch

Jennifer Cain

2 years ago

In today’s fast-paced world, a healing touch is sometimes just what’s needed to help us slow down, unwind and let go of the day-to-day stresses we all experience, both in the workplace and at home.

Offering a holistic approach to mind and body, The Spa at the Radisson Blu, Yas Island, helps hundreds of guests each year to relax and revitalise, through a variety of treatments ranging from facials and body wraps to therapeutic massages and body scrubs. Following the fragrant scents into The Spa’s chambers, we caught up with Lead Therapist, Anna Marie, to find out more about what it takes to provide guests with the ultimate rejuvenation experience.

“People often assume that being a therapist is fairly straight-forward,” says Anna, “however it’s more complicated than it seems. As a therapist, I need to maintain positive energy, remain calm and focused at all times, and have a strong understanding of various medical conditions and any concerns that people may have. To succeed in this industry, it’s also important to be responsive, honest, versatile, and most of all, nurturing.”

Anna Marie has had a long and varied career in the wellness industry, working at the Radisson Blu Yas Island for the past six years in her latest role. Anna explains that she is part of an expert team of professional therapists at The Spa, as she takes us through her typical day:
“I usually start with checking my client appointments for the day and making sure the treatment rooms I will be using are clean and tidy. I also keep in touch with guests through our database, keeping them up-to-date with any special offers,” she says.

“Before any treatment, we provide guests with a full consultation, to ensure that we provide them with the most relaxing experience possible. Our experienced team combines treatments and technology to deliver the best skin and body solutions, helping us to exceed our clients’ expectations.”

The Spa specialises in various body and face treatments, including Anna’s favourite, the signature Real Aromatherapy Experience – a massage provided using essential oils formulated with powerful therapeutic benefits. The Spa’s De-stress Muscle Release is a deep tissue, full massage treatment designed to work on tight and fatigued muscles and joints, and is popular amongst male guests.

In terms of skin care, The Spa provides the luxurious Rose Renew Facial, where the skin is cleansed, exfoliated and toned using damask rose, skin balancing geranium, and nourishing jojoba oil. This 60-minute treatment also includes traditional aromatherapy pressure point massage followed by a hydrating facial mask which releases facial tension.

Whilst spa therapy is an excellent way to unwind, Anna explains that its benefits also go far beyond relaxation: “Aside from pure relaxation, spa treatments provide both mental and physical health benefits. Essential oils are used in a lot of treatments, which help to improve blood circulation, aid digestion and invigorate muscles, preventing spasm and stiffness.”
The Spa’s essential oils, developed by Aromatherapy Associates, rejuvenate and revitalise various skin types. Products from Anne Semonin – a French haute spa and beauty brand, are also used, which blend traditional remedies and ingredients with new technology and formulations.

Anna is one of the most highly recommended female therapists at The Spa, and puts her success down to her passion for healing.

“I’m passionate about the fact that as therapists, we’re able to use our talent and skills to provide an invaluable service to people experiencing stress or pain. I like to think of my role as that of a healer, as the treatments and experiences we provide play an important part in restoring physical and mental wellbeing. My work at The Spa allows me to positively impact people, every day, with the support of the fantastic team I have around me.”

Another perk of the job, Anna explains, is working on Yas Island: “I love that we are very close to the global theme parks and Yas Mall. We had a team building session at Yas Waterworld recently and it was an amazing day!” concludes Anna.

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