Wynn’s Ocean Escapades

Hiba Haddad

2 years ago

Thomas Wynn is not just another boat owner… he is truly a man of the sea, with a passion for the water and all that it has to offer. But Thomas is not alone in his love for the ocean— he has been able to pass it along to his nearest and dearest.

With his wife Julie, and his two sons, Ryan and Kyle, the family set out to the Emirati Sea for a day of boating four years ago, and it has since become an activity that Thomas and Julie continue to do, till this day. Thomas has definitely upgraded his mode of transport over the years though, going from a 22 ft. Bowrider— the “Salty Dog”— to purchasing a 30 ft. Regal Express Cabin Cruiser- the “Sundowner”.

“Our boys have gotten older and mum and dad aren’t so cool anymore and they prefer to spend time with their friends, which is okay with me as it allows me to spend more time with my wife.  So Julie and I […] spend weekends out on the water,” Thomas explains.

Thomas and Julie’s passion has moved on from a hobby, into an active act of exploration of the intercostal waterways of Abu Dhabi. The couple has even voyaged to other Emirates, travelling as far as Ras Al Khaimah in a 5.5 hour trip, and then coming back to Yas Marina after spending a weekend at sea.

Although Thomas and Julie enjoy their quiet time on their boat, they ensure that they change things up, so that every trip feels exciting.

“Each trip out is different— some days we find a spot to drop anchor and explore the mangroves on our stand up paddle boards.  Other days, we join friends on their boats and then find a beach and have a barbecue, or we bring friends and our jet ski along so we can tube and wakeboard,” Thomas says.

Thomas is very impressed with the UAE’s marina offerings, particularly Yas Marina, which he’s selected as a permanent home for his boat. Not only does it offer a spacious layout, but Thomas believes that he’s made the right choice due to the capable staff who work at this particular marina.

Further expounding on the benefits of being a member at the Yas Marina, he explains, “Besides being a member at the most modern and up to date marina in all of Abu Dhabi, every member receives discounts at the restaurants in the marina— our favorite is Diablitos.  Of course there is also F1 weekend where you will see some of the world’s most amazing super yachts and be a part of the best F1 party weekend of the entire F1 season!”

That is not to say that his passion does not come with its own set of challenges, however, particularly when it comes to finding someone capable of quality maintenance and repairs at a reasonable rate.  Most days, Thomas works on repairs himself, but when it’s something he cannot handle, he turns to the experts— Class Marine.

Thomas’ love for the sea and for the UAE continues to grow, and after four years of boating in Abu Dhabi— he still finds exciting new places to explore.

“Our next big adventure together is a trip to an island called Bu Tinah. This area is home to the second largest population of Dugongs, the first being Australia.  Hoping to make this trip the end of this month.”

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